5 good Netflix shows and movies to watch this week: Elite and more

A new week is here, and there are some great new Netflix shows and movies arriving. Here are five top picks to cut down the full list. The full list of Netflix shows and movies arriving this week could be a little overwhelming. Okay, it’s not going to be as overwhelming as last week with that April 1 drop, but it can still be a little hard to work through. If you have children, we have to highly recommend the second season of Green Eggs and Ham. This is a fun show for kids of all ages,...

What about something for everyone else? Here are our top five picks, with the list being in release date order. 5 must-watch Netflix shows and movies this week Furioza

We start with the release of a Polish-language movie. It’s the only movie on our list of Netflix shows and movies for the week. Furioza follows a policewoman who makes her ex-boyfriend an offer that has a risk on both sides. He could put his life on the line by infiltrating a gang. She wants to know the gang’s whereabouts and details to be able to bring it down. If he doesn’t do this, she’ll make sure his brother goes to jail. What choice does he really have? Watch the movie on Wednesday,...
Green Mothers’ Club If you love K-dramas, you’ll be interested in the next release. Green Mothers’ Club follows the lives of five women who happen to be mothers. They all meet around the school, having children of the same ages. Throughout the season, we follow their individual lives and passions. We see how friendships form and are put to the test. If you love the likes of Army Wives or Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, this is going to be a series worth checking out.
Start watching the series on Wednesday, April 6. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On For those who need a reality show, the Love Is Blind crew bring something fun to check out. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On follows six couples on the verge of getting married. As the title suggests, their loyalties are all put to the test. They will either need to marry their significant others or decide it’s time to move on.
What will they each decide to do? Just how much can they trust their partners? Maybe it’s something all couples should go through. This is a reality show I can get behind. Check out the series on Wednesday, April 6. Return to Space
Did you watch SpaceX take off into space in 2020? There are high chances that you did, and it was an amazing launch. Netflix brought us Countdown to see that off, and now it’s time to revisit Elon Musk, SpaceX, and those who made it possible. What was it like to head back into space? What are the plans next? Those are questions that this docuseries could provide the answers to. Check out the docuseries on Thursday, April 7.
Elite There is one major release that you can’t overlook. Elite season 5 drops on Netflix this week. It’s back to the Spanish private school that is all about the elite attempting to get away with things. Of course, that’s not always possible. Like the first four seasons, we’ll have some sort of mystery to solve. Will it involve a dead body or some other crime? That’s for us to figure out as we follow the story across two timelines again.

Watch the full season on Friday, April 8. Which Netflix shows and movies are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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