Love is Blind season 3 is not coming to Netflix in April 2022

Love is Blind season 3 is not coming to Netflix in April 2022, but it might be coming sooner than you think! The highly addictive blind dating show, which first made its debut on Netflix in 2020, was an instant hit among viewers, so it’s unsurprising that many are buzzing with anticipation for the next installment. Since season 3 isn’t coming out this month, when can we expect the series to return to our screens?

Find out the latest news and updates on Love is Blind season below! Does Love is Blind season 3 have a release date?

Love is Blind producer Chris Coelen dished in February that they had “already filmed season three,” but unfortunately an official release date has yet to be revealed by the streaming giant. Typically seasons are released about year after they’ve been filmed — seasons 1 and 2 both came out in February the year after each other — forcing couples on the show to hide their relationship during that time. We don’t think that the producers will force the couples to hide their relationships for...
According to IMDb, season 3 is scheduled for a 2022 release meaning it’s very likely that we’ll get the third installment towards the end of the year. Fans of the show will also rejoice at the news that Love is Blind seasons 4 and 5 have also already been green-lit by the streamer!
Is Shake hosting Love is Blind? However, fans might be confused by the fact that controversial former season 2 star Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee has been chosen as the season 4 host, The Tab reported, with the news also being confirmed by the star himself via Instagram. But before people get too outraged by the decision, they should know that it was all just a practical joke, and we believe that hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey will be back as usual! April Fools!

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