“We kind of sound like broken records”: Sadie Sink Jokes While Teasing Stranger Things Season 4 Being Darker Than All

The entire world is eagerly waiting for the Stranger Things season 4 to drop. The newest season of probably the most popular shows of the 21st century has been hyped since the end of season 3. And if there is something that has made the fans expect the new season more, it has to be its unpredictability. Ever since the promotional material for Stranger Things 4 started to release. We have been told a single thing: this season will be different. And now Sadie Sink has again reminded fans...
Stranger Things season 4 is the darkest according to Sadie Sink There are only a few shows that have been able to achieve the level of success and appreciation Stranger Things has. The newest season is still a few weeks away. And people are already speculating it to break many records.
While people focus on the records show will break. The cast and crew are going around talking about the new season. All those who have been following the show for many years know that this year’s trailer had a different feel to it. Immediately fans knew this season was going to be different. And the cast of the show supported the claim. However, there was still apprehension among fans. Many were thinking this all might be a huge PR stunt to boost up the viewing numbers of the show.
But me days ahead of the show’s release Sadie Sink who is speculated to have a huge role this year, said, “We kind of sound like broken records, ‘It’s the darkest season we’ve had yet!‘ but this season is for real.” We will certainly have to wait till May 27th to see for certain if the new season is dark or not.
But if we consider other indicators like this season’s budget, And the fact how much cast has been repeated that the new season is going to be different. It surely raises our expectations and excitement for Stranger Things season 4. ALSO READ, Evolution of Sadie Sink’s Character Max in Stranger Things
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