Cintex Wireless Free Government Phone in 2022

In this modern times, operating without a phone makes life harder for you. Luckily, the government is aware of the immense benefits of owning a phone thus providing different means of handing out free phones to eligible users. This is through companies like Cintex Wireless.

Cintex Wireless is one of the largest telecommunication company with a coverage of 97% of the US. The company offers reliable network connection and affordable texting, calls and data plans. Besides, it offers free government phones to eligible households. These free government phones avail with no hidden fee and no contract services. Here is a detailed guide of Cintex Wireless free government phone and other facets around it.

Does Cintex Wireless Offer Government Phone?

Yes. Cintex wireless offers free government phones to low income individuals in the US. However, to get these phones, you must meet some requirements. Once qualified, you have the privilege to get free premium devices like Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s among others.

Besides getting a Cintex wireless free government phone, you get to enjoy services like caller ID, voicemail, 3-way calling, picture messaging, and call waiting and the ability to connect to WIFI with your phone.

How To Get Cintex Wireless Free Government Phone

To get Cintex wireless free government phones, you should send an application through Cintex wireless official website. However, to get these phones, you must be a lifeline beneficiary. This is a federal communication commission program that was formulated to ensure low-income individuals or households have access to cheaper or free phone services. This helps users to get seamless connection with family, friends, healthcare services, etc.

Alternatively, you can get Cintex wireless free government phone through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) as Cintex ACP program offers free smartphones to qualified individuals. This is a government limited-time program that was formerly known as EBB and helps to ease monthly costs on broadband services and products.

Cintex Wireless Free Phone Lifeline Program Eligibility

Cintex wireless lifeline program doesn’t give out free phones to everyone. Therefore, you must meet one, both, or all of their eligibility requirements to get these phones. Note that these requirements are different and change from one state to another. You are thus required to check your state’s eligibility requirements before signing for lifeline benefits. Below are Cintex Wireless free phone lifeline program eligibility.

You quality if your cumulative household income is equal to or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines:

Note that the household size and income amount varies per state. For instance, one person household size in Alaska has a poverty guideline of $21,722 while that of DC is $17,388 as of 2021. In addition, poverty guideline for 2 household size in Alaska is $29,390 while that of DC is $23,517. Also, these poverty guidelines are normally adjusted every year.

You qualify if you participate in any federal aid program. Some of these programs are:

  • Supplemental nutritional assistance program
  • Medicaid
  • Federal public housing assistance/ section 8
  • Supplemental security income
  • Veteran’s pension and survivors pension program.
  • Head start
  • Tribally administered temporary assistance for needy families
  • Bureau of federally recognized tribal lands.

What Documents Needed For Cintex Wireless Free Phone?

To get Cintex wireless free phone, you have to send an application and attach a number of documents of proof eligibility and identity. These documents are:

  • A photo ID to prove your identity
  • Current address proof document
  • Your latest state, tribal or federal tax return to prove income or
  • Your latest 3 months pay stubs
  • A Medicaid membership card
  • Social security income statement of benefits
  • Divorce decree document
  • Pension’s benefits statements
  • Workers compensation benefits statement among others

How To Apply For A Free Government Phone?

  • Confirm eligibility: Unless you qualify for free government phone, your application will be declined. Consequently, you should prove eligibility before applying for free government phone. To check eligibility, you should simply determine your total household income. If it’s less or equal to 135% of the poverty guideline as per your state, then you qualify for free phone. Alternatively, you can call +1 (855) 655-3097 to confirm eligibility.
  • Chose a provider: Free government phones are channeled to users through lifeline or ACP providers. So, if you qualify for the program, you should select your preferred lifeline provider. In our case, we select cintex wireless.
  • Visit cintex wireless website: On your browser, open and the link will direct you to cintex wireless official website. In the site, enter your Zip code, your email address and click ‘’apply now’’
  •  Fill your personal information: At this step, you should fill your name, date of birth, contact information, address and click ‘’next’’
  • Prove eligibility: Here, you should select your household and prove eligibility by attaching the necessary documents. After, select a plan and phone, preview your information and finalize your application.

5 Best Cintex Wireless Free Government Phones

After a successful application, your selected phone will be shipped within a few days. Below is a list of free government phones that you are likely to get from Cintex wireless. 

1. Apple iPhone SE GSM

Apple iPhone SE is a great phone with 12MP main camera that allows you to shoot crystal clear pictures. After, you can store your images or any other content in its 32GB memory storage space seamlessly. It also has a 4 inches retina screen display that is ideal for watching movies and reading content.

2. Samsung galaxy S7 GSM

If bought upfront, the phone is not as cheap and might hurt a low-income individual greatly. Therefore, getting it for free saves you a number of dollars. It features a clear 12MP back camera and 5 MP Selfie camera that captures beautiful images. It also features 64GB storage space and a lasting battery of 3000 mAh li-ion battery.

3. LG G7 ThinQ GSM

With this great brand and model of phone, you can capture beautiful pictures with its 16MP back and 8MP selfie cameras. The phone also boasts of a fast-charging 3000 mAh battery 128 GB memory space, 6 GB RAM, and a large 6.1 inches screen size.

4. Motorola E4

Motorola is another great phone given for free from Cintex wireless. It features an IPS LCD screen display with a size of 5 inches, a lasting 2800 mAh battery, 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage.

5. LG K10

This is a 5.3 inches IPS LCD screened phone that comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection. Besides, the phone features 16GB internal storage, 13MP back camera, 5MP front camera, and a battery capacity of 2300 mAh.

List Of Other Phones You Can Get From Cintex Wireless

Free phones

  • Iphone 6s GSM
  • Unimax-U693CL

Upgrade phones

  • Motorola-Moto G7 play
  • LG stylo 5
  • Samsung galaxy S8 GSM
  • Samsung S8 plus
  • LG-stylo 6
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Samsung galaxy A11

How To Activate Cintex Wireless Free Phone

The process of activating Cintex wireless free phone is so easy and instant. All you need to do is dial 611 with your phone’s keypad and press ‘’3’’. After, a message will be sent to notify you that the phone has been activated.

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Cintex Wireless BYOP Process

Cintex wireless BYOP is a program that allows you to bring your own phone to Cintex wireless. The process entails these simple steps:

Check compatibility

Before BYOP to Cintex wireless, you should first ensure that it’s compatible with Cintex wireless services. To check compatibility, you can follow either of the following procedures:

  1. Visit, enter your phones 14 to 16 ESN number and click ‘’check compatibility’’
  2. Alternatively, use your phone’s dial pad and enter *#06#
  3. Alternatively, go to your android phone’s settings>about device>status or settings on iPhone, followed by ‘’general’’ followed by ‘’about’’.
  4. Get cintex wireless SIM.

After confirming your phone’s eligibility, Cintex wireless will ship you a SIM card kit for free and activate using the simple step above.

Cintex Wireless Affordable Plans

1. International calling plan

The plan costs $5 per month and offers 30 days of unlimited calling to Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

2. Data plans

  • 500 MB plan for $5/mo.
  • 1 GB plan for $15/mo.
  • 2 GB plan for $20/mo.
  • 4 GB PLAN for $30/mo.
  • 5 GB plan for $35/mo.

3. Bundle plans

  • Unlimited text, unlimited talk+500 MB DATA at $10/mo.
  • Unlimited text, unlimited talk + 2GB data at $25/mo.
  • Unlimited text, unlimited talk + 3GB data at $30/mo.
  • Unlimited talk, unlimited text + 5 GB data at $40/mo.

4. Minutes plan

Unlimited talk top-up plan at $5 /mo.

Frequently Ask Questions

What network does cintex wireless run on?

Cintex wireless is a reseller of sprint, (its underlying carrier) mobile broadband internet access network. However, note that sprint is now a part of T-Mobile network.

How do I get a replacement phone from cintex wireless?

All phones from Cintex wireless avail with a 15 days warranty. Thus, the company reserves the right to replace your phone after malfunctioning. To replace, you should just make a call on 1-855-655-3097 or send an email to

Can I switch cintex wireless to another lifeline carrier?

Yes. You can easily change Cintex wireless benefits to another lifeline carrier. To switch, you should ask your new lifeline carrier to transfer the benefits for you from Cintex wireless. Through your new company, fill out a transfer application, get a response, and once approved, you will switch from Cintex wireless to your new lifeline carrier. After transfer, your Cintex benefits will be canceled immediately.

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