How To Get Free Touch Screen Government Phones From Access Wireless

It’s without a doubt that technology advancements have improved significantly over the recent years. These advancements are evident in all fields, including the communication sector. Over the years, phones have advanced from landlines to standard phones, to the current touch screen phones. Since advanced touch screen phones come with broad functionality rather than the basic calling and texting, it’s no surprise that has high costs that can be too burdening to financially disadvantaged households.

However, regardless of the high prices associated with these phones, life without one can become unbearable. This is because communication and connection at large have become a crucial part of our day-to-day life. As a result, the government came in hand to help the poor or low-income US households to access touchscreen phones with ease. This was through creating a lifeline program that gives free touchscreen phones to eligible users through providers like access wireless. With that in mind, let’s expound on free touchscreen government phones access wireless for clear understanding.

Does Access Wireless Give You A Free Phone?

Yes. Access wireless gives you a free phone on the condition that you qualify. The company channels the phone on behalf of the lifeline program. In case you are not familiar with this term, lifeline is a government assistance program aimed to offer free phones and affordable connectivity to less privileged households in the US. The program provides free phones through participating wireless service providers. Among them is access wireless. However, to get a free phone from Access Wireless lifeline program, you should meet certain requirements that are discussed on this page below.

5 Best Access Wireless Free Touchscreen Government Phones

1. LG K10

Although given for free, this is a mid-range touchscreen phone from the great LG brand. The phone has appealing features that have left positive reviews flooded on different sites. One of its most amazing features is a 12MP back camera that is backed by a LED Flash light to enhance the clarity and beauty of its images.

It also features a lasting 1300 MaH battery that prolongs hours of use on a single charge. It has an internal memory of 16 GB, 2GB RAM, proximity, and accelerometer sensors.

Moreover, the phone has clear, loud and audible inbuilt speaker, a jack pin, Bluetooth connection and other additional features like radio, GPS, WLAN and micro USB.

2. Nokia 6300 4g

Nokia is another incredible brand that offers quality phones to consumers. This particular model is built with a plastic frame and back to enhance longevity. This makes it resistant to shock or damage once dropped.

It has a 4GB RAM and 512 MB RAM that is backup with a MicroSD slot for additional eternal memory. Besides, Nokia 6300 has a single camera with LED flashlight, lasting 1500 mAh capacity battery and loud speakers.

The latter boasts of additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, radio, GPS, 3.5MM jack and 2.4’ TFT 16M colors screen.

3. Samsung galaxy A01

Access wireless also gives out this incredible phone to lifeline consumers for free. It’s a moderate-end phone that features 5.7’ screen size with a resolution of 720 by 1520 pixels. The phone has a strong body built with plastic back, plastic frame and glass front. This doesn’t only make it strong and rigid but also shock resistant.

When it comes to memory, this phone has a storage of 32 GB and 2 GB RAM. In addition, it has a dual 13MP rear camera with LED flash and a single 5MP front camera. Its battery is also durable and reliable with 3000 mAh capacity. It uses proximity or accelerometer sensors and has extra features like radio, Bluetooth and GPS among others.

4. Nokia pixel 2 XL

With Nokia pixel 2XL, you have an opportunity to enjoy amazing features for free. It is built to last with an aluminum back, aluminum frame and a glass front. It boasts of a 6 inches screen size, 128 GB internal memory with 4GB RAM.

It has two main cameras; main and selfie cameras with 12.2 MP And 8MP respectively. Its large battery is so effective, has a fast charging ability with a capacity of 3520 mAh.

5. Nokia G10

Finally, we bring you this amazing free touchscreen access phone that is new in the market. It is an android 11 phone with a 6.5 inches screen display, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

With the phone, you can capture clear and beautiful memories thanks to its triple main camera of 13MP and 8MP front camera. It also boasts of a strong, capable 5050 mAh battery that is likely to go for days with a single charge. Lastly, the phone has fingerprint, proximity, accelerometer sensors and other features like a radio, GPS and Bluetooth. 

Who Is Eligible For Free Touchscreen Government Phones?

Lifeline is naturally meant for the poor or less privileged. Therefore, your financial status determines the eligibility to get free touchscreen government phones from the lifeline. Below are two instances that an individual can qualify for free touchscreen government phones.

1. Based on income

The first instance to determine your free touchscreen government edibility is your household income. Here, you are eligible if you are from a low-income household with income equal to or less than 135% of the federal poverty guideline. To determine this, your total household gross income is taken into consideration. However, the poverty guideline varies by every state. If you qualify for a free touchscreen government phone, you should definitely provide prove during your application. Below are some of the documents eligible to prove lifeline eligibility based on your income!

  • Your recent 3 consecutive months pay stubs
  • Your employment compensation benefits statement
  • Your social security benefits statement
  • Your child support or divorce decree document
  • Your previous year’s federal or state income tax return copy
  • Veteran’s administration benefits statement.

3. Based on assistance program membership.

This is where you qualify based on participation in any government assistance program. To receive help through any form of government-funded assistance program means that you are from a less privileged household. Note that if you qualify for a free touchscreen phone based on any assistance program participation, you should provide prove during application. The common prove is cover letter or participation certificate with your name and the name of the program. However, the document should have been issued within the last one year either by the program administrator, federal, state or local government representative. Some of these programs are;

  • Medicaid.
  • Supplemental security income
  • Veterans or survivors pension
  • Tribally administered temporary assistance for needy families
  • Supplemental nutrition assistance program
  • Head start
  • Federal public housing assistance
  • Bureau of Indian affairs general assistance
  • Food distribution program on Indian reservations

How To Apply For Access Wireless Free Touch Screen Government Phones?

The internet has made Access Wireless free touch screen government phones application easy and instant. What if I don’t have an easy access to the internet? Access wireless also got you covered. Below are two options to apply for access wireless touch screen government phones

1. Online

This is where you enroll for access wireless lifeline program online and apply for their free phone through the official website. Fortunately, the entire process is so easy and quick. To apply:

  • On your browser, visit access wireless official website.
  • Click ‘’enroll online’’
  • Enter your zip code
  • Click ‘’learn more’’
  • Follow the proceeding instructions to apply for free phone from the website.

3. Via mail

If you don’t prefer Access Wireless website application, you can opt to download and print access wireless lifeline application forms from their official website. After, print the form, fill in the information, preview, attach prove of eligibility and send it via mail to access wireless physical address. 


Are access wireless phones unlocked?

No. Due to the use of distinct frequencies and technology in access wireless, their phones are not compatible or free to use with other carriers. Therefore, Access Wireless phones are not unlocked. However, upon request, access wireless phones qualify to be unlocked after one year of activation.

Can I put my access wireless SIM card in another phone?

Yes. This is on condition that the phone is unlocked. Therefore, if the phone is unlocked and compatible with access wireless, you can use access wireless sim CARD in it. However, have in mind that the size of the SIM should be compatible with the size of the phone’s SIM port.

Can I use my own phone with access wireless?

Yes. Through Access Wireless BYOP program, you can bring and use your phone with access wireless. However, the phone must be CDMA and compatible with GSM LTE. In addition, it should not have recorded any past scandals of theft or misplacement.

Can I upgrade my access wireless phone?

Yes. After receiving your access wireless free phone, that doesn’t mean you should stick with it forever. If dissatisfied with it, access wireless has an upgrade program that allows you to purchase an upgraded phone at an extra fee.

Who is the carrier for access wireless?

 Access wireless works under Sprint Wireless carrier which has recently merged with T-Mobile. As a result, Access Wireless network coverage is more efficient and reliable thanks to Sprint wide network coverage.

Final Verdict

Access wireless is a super reliable service provider for low income households. The company offers free lifeline phones and wireless services to eligible applicants across several states. However, free touch screen government phones access wireless are restricted to one member of a household. Also, Access Wireless benefits or account is not transferrable. Following our guide, apply for access wireless free touchscreen phone and enjoy free connectivity.

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