I Need Dental Work But Have No Money

A missing tooth will never be a good deal to me as it looks ugly, an issue of discomfort and distressing. Even if people have so many health complications, dental issues are no exception. Some may suffer from a damaged tooth, gum disease, may need a tooth cleaning, tooth extraction, dentures, and Implants. Today, those dental problems are highly costly, and so many people have no money to take care of dental work. 

There are also some ways to go dental work for the people who have no money in this situation. Surely there are government grants for a denture, assistance from dental schools, clinics, and non-profit organization that ensures dental work with no money. So we are going to discuss some dental works and some ways to get dental work when you have no money. 

Why Dental Work Is Important

The tooth is the most important part that is used to take food according to its nature. Those who have teeth are really happy to go taking foods by chewing and taking the taste. But those facing problems with teeth now understand how tooth play an important role in taking the taste of the food and feeling comfortable. Additionally, it also adds up the beauty and helps people speak clearly. When people have no tooth, they surely face problems in smooth oral communication.

So people may either lose a tooth or suffer from tooth complications. They need to take dental treatment as part of smooth oral communication, take the taste of the food, and feel comfortable with the tooth as well. when you lose a tooth due to tooth decay, cavity, and gum disease, you need to go proper treatment plan to make sure you can have a full of smile on your mouth.

Surely dental work may cost a huge amount of money because there is the most advanced level of treatment such as dentures, dental implants, and other forms of treatment. Even if people lose a tooth, this can’t stop them from filling another one. With advanced medical science, it has been possible to use dental implants to replace a new tooth in the old one. The cost factor may be one of the considerable factors but there are also so many options to go for Government dental grants implants and dentures for low-income people.

I Need Dental Work But Have No Money

Type Of Dental Work And Its Possible Cost

There are different types of dental woks and it depends on an individual’s need. Some may suffer from tooth cavities, some may want to replace a new tooth through dental implants and dentures. So it is important to know these dental works and the possible cost.

  • Tooth Extraction: Tooth Extraction is the dental extraction of the removable tooth. When a tooth is decayed and damaged, the dentist must do a tooth extraction. The cost of tooth extraction is on average from $75 to $200, and this may depend on the nature of tooth and mouth condition. More importantly, a dentist may opt for tooth extraction to make sure preparing the patient’s mouth for orthodontic treatment.
  • Dentures: Dentures are the options to replace a missing tooth and surrounding tissues. There are complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are the option when no teeth remain. Partial dentures may be options when some teeth remain. The cost of complete dentures may come with $2199, and partial dentures may come between $650 and $2500 without insurance.
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are the most advanced and surgical fixture that is placed into the jawbone and ensure support with the bone over the span of a few months. Dental implants are also surgical components that make sure to pair with the jaw or skull bone to support a dental prosthesis like a crown, bridge, dentures, or facial prosthesis or act as an orthodontic anchor. The average cost of dental implants comes from $3000 to $5000, and there are the post, abutment, crown replacement, bone grafting, and tooth extraction.
  • Other Dental Works: the above three points are the most advanced level treatment or dental work, but there are more dental works such as dental bonding, bridgework, cosmetic fillings, teeth cleaning, root canal therapy, teeth whitening, and so on. The cost of these dental works may vary according to the location and service provided by the dentist.

How To Go Dental Work Without Money

So you may have now ideas on the cost of dental work but you don’t have a single penny in your pocket. But you should not be worried because there are some ways to do dental work without money as well.

1. Low-cost dental work 

Surely there are so many platforms where you may take your dental work at a lower rate. For example, dental schools, local health centers, dental care foundations that provide low-cost dental work. But you need to prove that you are low income and have been suffering from dental complications.

2. Insurance Plan

Insurance may be another plan to go dental work with no money. A cheap premium can help recover any type of dental works such as dental implants, dentures, and so on. Dental insurance is very lower than health insurance and this can fit low-income people as well. But most people may not afford to go for insurance and there are also options to go free dental work. You may seek a Medicaid plan that can be a good deal to go for no money.

3. Discount plans 

There are so many dental institutions and dentists who understand the sufferings of low-income people. When people don’t afford the full cost of the dental works, they may seek discounts plans as the dentist are also generous to provide dental work at a discounted price.

4. Dental work with no money 

Surely there are government grants for dentures and assistance programs from non-profit organizations such as the dental lifeline network, the mission of mercy, give back a smile that works for the betterment of the low-income people. When they need to go to dental works on an urgent basis, they may seek assistance from this organization. Surely they can understand that you are facing this problem and need your dental works for comfort and smile.

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How To Search For Dental Work When I Have No Money

Surely there are many programs and assistance for dental works but people don’t find it easy or don’t hear this assistance program. So there are some ways to search for dental work when you have no money. 

1. Search online 

An online search may be quick touch to the dental work assistance and you may simply go by Google search. Then you can get tons of results according to your location. This may work better when you want to get the nearest dental schools or programs. 

2. Call 211 

211 is an emergency phone number through which one can get immediate responses to go assistance. This phone call can direct you to the possible dental schools and institutes where free dental work is available. So you should be ready for what you are going to say after calling. 

3. Search social platform 

Indeed you may find some people who might have taken dental work and had no money. A social platform can provide information and guidance when you need dental work free of cost. They can provide you with information and guidance to get dental work when you have no money. 

4. Reach local government office 

As there is assistance from the government side such as government grants for dentures and Medicaid affordable health care plan, you may find some resources to get started for dental work free of cost. You need to explain your suffering and situations and then assistance may come as free-cost dental work. 

Places Where Free Dental Care And Work

So there are some places as dental schools, institutions, and other platforms where dental work with no money is available. Surely one should go to these platforms and get dental work with no money.

1. Dental schools 

When there is a headache of the high cost of dental work, Dental schools are the good options to go for dental work with no money. There are dental schools and hygiene programs at least in every state where New York has 160. So the notion is that you may get dental work free of cost from dental schools. The students studying in dental schools do need practical works before their graduation. But this practical work is guided by their senior doctors and dentist. So you can reach dental schools for free dental work and you may check from the American Dental Education Association for an accredited program.

2. Public Dental Clinics 

Surely the government ensures help for the low-income people in different ways but we as low-income people may not know or don’t hear due to lack of information. There are government programs for taxpayer-funded clinics run by local or state health departments or community health centers. These health centers get grants from the government and provide very low-cost dental work such as cleanings, X-rays, Root canals, Crowns, and Surgical Tooth Extraction. So the cost is not going to be a headache. It is how you can afford it according to your income. So you may reach these clinics conducted by the health department and federally qualified health centers for dental works.

3. Nonprofit clinics 

Nonprofit clinics are the health center where profit is not an issue but better service with help for the low-income people are the main issue. There are so many nonprofit clinics in some cities where low-income people may visit for dental work when they have no money. For example, The Ben Massell Dental Clinic in Atlanta can be one of the nonprofit clinics where dental work is totally free. The service is also high quality as volunteer dentists and specialists provide service with no money. Additionally, you may search these types of clinics from United Way’s 211.org website where you may find a listing of these clinics.

4. Dental work from Generous Dentists

Not all dentists are busy with money but some dentists are also generous and understand the suffering of low-income people. The generous dentist provides dental work and dental service for the people who don’t afford to go. But it may be hard to find these generous dentists. When you are regularly visiting a dentist, you may explain your hardships and problem.

Surely the dentist may help or can direct you to the generous dentist that deals with dental work with no money. Some dentists may provide service at a specific time of the year and they may accept referrals from other dentists to provide free dental service.

5. Donated Services 

There are so many ways to go for donated services as some national charities use donated labor. As part of this, Dental lifeline provides services in all states and for people who are 65 years old. Additionally, people having permanent disabilities and serious medical conditions can get service from this platform. In addition to this, Mission of Mercy is one of the programs and it is run by America’s Dentists Care Foundation. This foundation provides free dental service for two days at fairgrounds, high schools, and different places. So you may check out the website of Mission of Mercy if there is any availability according to your location.

6. Seek Government resources

Surely there are still low-income people and uninsured people who may not have a proper education. The government organization truly ensures for those types of people in medication and treatment. When you have no income or employment or may earn a little, you may check out your family members are entitled to get Medicaid or participate in the Children’s Health Insurance program. So there are eligibility criteria when you are not parents as well. for this, your children can get free dental care even if there are no monthly premiums for Medicaid in many regions.

In addition to this, you may visit the Health Resources and Service Administration that helps uninsured people receive medical treatment. One may find listings of low-cost dental providers in different locations and they can be eligible according to the nearest provider for you.

7. Government grants for dental work

There are still government grants for dental works. The federal government provides grants and awards to the universities, State Agencies, and non-profit organization that ensures grants for individuals. So this grant is issued and given away for the people who cannot afford dental work and have no money. The grant amount can be used to go for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry grants, dentures, and other surgical procedures. You may start from grants.gov to begin your search.

8. Medicaid 

Medicaid is a government program to make sure your health care is lower and affordable. Under the Medicaid program, you might get Medicaid dental services according to your low income. People may not afford to buy dental insurance from the company and they may seek Medicaid program and need to know your state is providing Medicaid dental services. There are eligibility issues to go Medicaid and you need to live below the federal poverty line. So you need to check out Medicaid eligibility guidelines and enroll to get affordable health care. 

9. Dental lifeline Network 

Dental lifeline is a non-profit organization that provides free dental care for low-income people with disabilities, the elderly, and the medically fragile. This program may be reached in every state that works on donations provide support and assistance for the people who really don’t afford to go for dental work. So it is important to check out the dental lifeline network in case there is any assistance available in your location. 

10. America’s dentist care foundation 

America’s dentists care foundation can be reached to get free oral health care. This is a non-profit organization that extends a helping hand to low-income people. This assistance comes with charitable clinics where people need to attend. The veterans also may get free dental works from this platform. 

How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Most people suffer from dental complications due to negligence and they don’t take proper care of their teeth. But when you can take care of your teeth, you don’t need to go for dental work. So there are simple guidelines on how to keep your teeth healthy. 

1. Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth 

It is our bad practice that we forget to brush our teeth before going to bed. According to medical records, people who brush their teeth can keep their teeth healthy. Brushing before going to bed can get rid of germs and plaque in our mouth. 

2. Brush properly 

You brush but it is not properly well. So you need to be careful of brushing your teeth like circular motions to remove germs and plaque. This can ensure good health for your teeth. 

3. Use fluoride toothpaste 

It is important to think of toothpaste and you should use fluoride toothpaste to make sure it is helpful and protects your tooth. The substance in toothpaste can remove and defend from tooth decay as it fights against germs. 

4. Consider Mouthwash 

Mouthwash can be another effective way to keep your teeth well but most people may ignore it. It is also useful as an adjunct to help keep a good balance. Mouthwash also reduces the acid amount in the mouth that affects the teeth. 

5. Drink More water 

Surely some foods negatively affect sticky and acidic components from food and beverages. Some studies have found that drinking more water can help keep good oral health. 

6. Limit Sugary and acidic foods 

You can limit sugar and acidic foods as much as possible because these foods generate acid in the mouth that harms the teeth. Additionally, acidic food may erode the enamel of the teeth, and acids generate more cavities. Acidic fruits, teas, and coffee also may be harmful to enamel. 

7. Avoid Smoking and alcohol

Smoking is a very bad habit that has numerous health effects. Smoking causes severe gum disease, the main cause of teeth damage and disease. Gum disease also retains germs and layers of plaque and tartar develop. 

8. Visit your dentist two times a year 

Even if you don’t feel any discomfort with your teeth, you should visit your dentist at least two times a year. Surely the Dentists will suggest you and go for any cleanings and checkups. Additionally, they can spot any issues that didn’t appear to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

So there is some answer to the questions and most people want to know these answers as information. So these answers to the question may be helpful as well. 

How much does it cost to the dentist without insurance? 

Surely insurance is surety due to any unexpected loss of the contracted issue. Insurance backs the people to lessen the cost of dental work. But most people may not have any way to go for insurance. In this case, the cost may go like this way. 

  • Tooth clearing – $75-$200
  • Deep cleaning – $150-$350
  • Root Canal treatment – $700-$1000
  • Tooth extraction – $75-$800
  • Implants for single tooth- $1500-$6000

This cost may vary according to different locations and services provided by the dentists. But it is common to see this cost in general. 

Is it possible to get dental work at a reduced rate without insurance? 

Absolutely, even the insurance plan lowers the cost but there are still options to go to dental work to the dental schools, clinics, and other institutions where low-cost dental work is still possible. When you don’t have money, you need to explain it to make sure you can get cheap or free dental works. 

Who needs a dental saving plan? 

It is important to note that so many people may not have an insurance plan that reduces the dental work cost. But the dental saving plan may be one more option to lessen the dental work. Additionally, the dental insurance companies cap their payout plan at less than $2000 a year. So dental insurance companies may go dental savings plan that comes by 50% of the insurance plan. There are also so many companies and employers who might provide a saving plan on medication and dental work. 

Final Verdict

It is needless to say that you must smile with your teeth. A missing tooth is really ugly to see by the people near you as it adds up beauty as well. When people lose their teeth or suffer from damaged teeth, they need dental work. But dental works are significantly costly that so many people may not afford. These are the organization that provides dental work at a reduced rate. But it is important to note that you need to check out their website and ensure if there is any assistance according to your location and need. After getting authentic information, you should start dental work when you have no money.

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