Where To Get Blood Work Done For Free

We commonly believe that Blood work or blood test is done when the doctors recommend. Surely this type of test is common for all doctors for any type of health complications. But a blood test is indeed important to identify so many health disorders in the human body from the point of medical science. Surely this blood work can be expensive in so many areas and for so many people. If it is for every year as a routine test for keeping a healthy lifetime, low-income people may need to count an amount of money. When they don’t afford to go for blood work, they are supposed to spend more money as well.

So there are so many lab testing companies, health organizations, private clinics, and medical service providers to provide blood work at a cheaper rate. For this, low-income people need to search these organizations and how this free blood work process works in different areas. So we have discussed so many issues on where to get blood work for free, and this is going to be a good deal to you for getting blood work free of cost.

What Are The Blood Works

Blood works are blood tests with reports that lead to other health diagnoses. The doctors and other health providers may go for blood works for extensive health research. This research comes from blood tests and reports that determine how different organs work in the body. In the blood work report, there is a different range of blood components that explains the health condition of the human body. Multiple health conditions can be diagnosed like diabetes, HIV, Anemia, Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, and other health complications through blood works and reports.

Blood works, tests, and reports are to be genuine and accurate and it is important to choose the right place where blood works and reports are done effectively. Surely blood tests or blood works are a common type of test that the doctors often go for any type of patient. For this, the patients have to get blood work in different laboratory testing places.

Importance Of Blood Work 

Blood work is a laboratory test to diagnose the health risks of people. Blood work may be an uncommon word for those who are physically well. But people may have health complications that are growing slowly in their bodies. At one time, these people may experience a major health complication that can be recovered by taking early medication steps.

According to doctors, it is important to go for blood work one time a year to identify any health risks in the body. As we have discussed, blood work or blood tests can diagnose liver complications, lung problems, diabetes, sexually transmitted infection, Kidney problems, and cardiovascular disease. These diseases may develop slowly in our body that we don’t experience at all. Every disease goes different phase from moderate to severe. If there are no remedies from early, then people are sure to face severe health problems in terms of those diseases.

So blood test is not just about when doctors recommend them. But it is routine and regular work that we can do for ensuring healthier life indeed. the doctors or health providers recommend that every people need to go for blood work or blood test one time a year to make sure the disease is growing in their body.

Where To Get Blood Work Done For Free

Type Of Blood Work And Its Possible Cost

Now we are going to take an observation on types of blood work and its possible cost. The average cost of the blood work may vary according to location and the laboratory test. But there is an insurance issue for the total cost calculation for the blood work. It comes by $432 without insurance, and this is on average. Additionally, the blood work cost comes from $50 to $1000 depending on health risk issues.

Complete Blood count (CBC): Complete blood count is highly known as CBC, and most doctors may go for this blood work as a test. This test includes the level of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets in the body. This CBC test determines the overall health condition of the health condition. This CBC test can be done in the range of $140 to $622 without any insurance.

Lipid Panel: Lipid Panel is one of the important blood work and the doctors may go for this test to diagnose total cholesterol level, triglyceride level HDL cholesterol, and Lipid panels. This type of test is done to assess the possibility of cardiovascular disease for people. The cost of the Lipid panel test may be possible in the range of $303 to $843 without any insurance.

Basic Metabolic Panel: Basic Metabolic Panel is done as a test for people to identify some substance in the blood. This blood work as a test can be done to identify kidney problems, diabetes, lung problems, and other health conditions. This type of blood work is recommended to take once a year for people even who have no health complications. The cost of this test is a little bit high and one can get this test done in the range of $330 to $1309

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: Basic metabolic panel and comprehensive metabolic panel test are the same but this is a little bit extensive for the blood test. This test is done for measuring liver function. This test is done for identifying any health complications such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease. The cost of this test is a little bit high and one can get this test done in the range of $330 to $1309

A1C: This is a test or blood work that is done for checking blood sugar levels. The doctors may provide the test for the people who may face diabetes or pre-diabetes. The cost of this test comes with ranges from $129 to $643.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D tests can be done for checking the level of this vitamin in the body. This test is also important to make sure if there is any dietary change or supplements are required to ensure a healthy life. This test can be done in the range from $108 to $350

Sexually transmitted infection: there are sexually transmitted infections to the human body and this test is important to diagnose any sexually transmitted infection in the human body. Through this test, HIV, syphilis can be diagnosed and this can depend on the age, gender, and sexual activity of the people. This test can cost in the range of $30 to $500.

Covid-19 Antibody Test: the Covid-19 antibody test can be done to identify the presence of antibodies against the virus caused by the Covid-19 virus. The doctors may go this test on different grounds like covid-19 symptoms and other factors. The cost of this test can be available in the range of $50 to $100.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test: The doctors may recommend going for a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test to assess the level of TSH in the blood. This test is also important to see how the thyroid is functioning. When there is a possibility of hyperthyroidism, this test makes sure the diagnosing process. This test will depend on age, risk factors, and symptoms of thyroid function. The cost of this test is possible in the range of $35 to $500.

How To Search Places To Get Blood Work Done For Free

Surely there are a lot of ways to get blood work done for free and it is easy to go. We have set some ways to search the places to get blood work for free.

Search Online 

An online search can be the most effective way as we get information from the online platform in so many ways. For this, Google can be one of the best platforms to go searching. You simply search by where to get blood work done for free and you can get so many results according to your location. Then you should visit the website of the health institution that provides blood work for free.

Search offline 

There is a health service institution near your location that might have plans and programs for free blood work. You just go there and ask for help. If they have any programs for you, they can help you according to your situation. These organizations work based on CSR and provide services for low-income people.

Get help from dear ones

Some people are low income and they already got health services in so many ways. These people are also your dear ones who may help you go with blood work free of cost. You just simply share your condition and they can help you find the places where blood work is free for low-income people.

Search on a social platform 

A social platform can also be a good way to go for blood work free of cost. These platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms where you may get groups on health services. There are a lot of issues that are discussed and you can get help from these groups as well.

Some Places Where To Get Blood Work Done

So there is a lab test center where blood work may be available. Low-income people seek places where low-cost blood work can be possible to get. But it is not going to be completely free and it depends on the service or blood work done by the lab.


PALS is Patient assistance for Lab service and it is one of the labs that provide service for your health. The first move to this lab can be affordable lab tests. More important this organization works with the largest lab companies to make sure they can provide you the blood work timely ensuring your health priority as the first step. Surely the cost of blood works is so cheaper and one can visit the website of PALS to get more information to get blood work done for free.


Healthlabs.com is a place where one can get fast, private, and affordable lab testing and blood work done. One can go easily with Healthlabs.com by making ordering lab testing online an easy and affordable process. you might check out this online platform to get your blood work done and there is also a way to discount blood work testing from this place. You just visit the website of Healthlabs.com and get detailed information for blood work and other services.


Walk-In-Lab is another place to get your blood work done at a lower cost. This is one of the places to go for convenience, affordable and confidentiality. You can simply order tests online, you can visit a local lab, and also get results online. This place can be chosen for the lowest price guaranteed by the walk-in-lab. There are huge discounts tests on blood work to make sure you can afford to go. So you may visit this place to get your deal done.


Labcorp may be another place to get started for blood work done at a lower cost. There are so many services like lab services and you can get blood work done from this place. There is so much information on their website and you may visit the website of labcorp.com to get started.

Go Health Urgent Care 

Urgent Care is one of the touches for the people who want to go for convenience, efficiency, affordability. There are so many lab services by urgent care such as blood work, Chest X-rays, urgent women’s health exams, and so on. This is just the place where blood work may be done with efficiency and there will be no waiting list. You may visit the website of the urgent care to get price plans and other services.

Frequently Asked Questions

So there is some answer to the questions and most people want to know these answers as information. We have compiled a list of some questions and their answers to make sure people know more. 

Can I just get blood work done?

Blood work is important as routine work because health-conscious people may go for this work for the betterment of their health and living healthily. But direct access lab testing may be a good option to allow people to go for blood work without any recommendation from the doctors. It is also easy to go blood work from the lab company which is also available online and one can go to their website to order blood work. 

What can I experience during blood work? 

The blood test is a laboratory process and people may experience a little pain during this process. As blood is required from the human body and it may be painful to some people. The blood is taken from a finger or vein in the arm by using a needle. So it is common to go this painful task by the people. 

Does health insurance cover blood work? 

Health insurance has a list of health services that are covered by the insurance. In so many cases, blood work is not covered by the health insurance companies. In case you have coverage anyhow, you need to go to the listed companies where insurance with blood work is accepted. On the other

hand, people having high deductible health plans may not get the coverage in full. Instead, they have to pay the full amount of the blood work. 

How often blood tests is required for people?

People may have health complications and they may need to go for a blood test. But a healthy person should go for a blood test one time a year. This is mostly recommended by doctors. But the people who experience health risks may need to go for a blood test one more according to doctors’ suggestions. 

Final Verdict

Blood work is an important health checkup that people are required to do. When they don’t have much money to go for blood work, it is important to know where to get blood work done for free. We have discussed so many issues on this point and you should go much study and research so that you can get your deal done. But you may go to any private clinics but there is no way to get blood work done for free. You may also need to count a small amount of money as means of exchange. For this, you need to get the right information at first and then you should decide to go for blood work done.

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